What is Coworking Space?


Coworking Space is a place where number of people work separately and share workplace. In Coworking people are usually not employed by the same organisation. A coworking space provides an office environment for people where they can work collaboratively in a shared space. Basically, Coworking offers an affordable office space for those who are looking to escape from the isolation of a coffee shop or a home office.

Some Startup businesses and freelancer might opt for Coworking space to provide their staff a well equipped working environment and services, which could be difficult for them to afford.

Earlier these Coworking space provides an office like environment with basic amenities such as, private cabin and hot desk. But now Coworking Spaces also provides common spaces like, Meeting Room, Conference Hall, Internet facility, Xerox Machine, Printer and many more.

Person can avail all these facilities at different prices for respective amount of time. Coworking provides a membership to its client on Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.(as per your requirements and affordability)

History of Coworking Space:

The word “Coworking” as it is known today originates with a concept put forward by “Brad Neuberg” in 2005.

He introduced this Coworking movement in San Francisco in the year 2005.

Few studies have shown that in between 2006 to 2016. The number of Coworking spaces and available seats have roughly doubled each year.

Benefits of Coworking Space:

1) Affordable work place for startups and freelancers.

2) Collection of bright minds and ideas under a roof.

3)  Association could also lend credibility to your otherwise unknown startup.

4) Valuable expertise could be few seats away from you. (Hire a Designer, Seek advice on employee contract, etc.)

5) Increase your work space or office size easily, being in a Coworking space.

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