Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan | 5 must-visit places

holi at mathuta-vrindavanholi at mathuta-vrindavan

You all must have known the history, civics, and geography of Holi, the festival of colors. In this blog, we’ll tell you about Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan and the 5 places that you will love and can’t resist yourself to visit during Holi.

Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan is a weeklong festival. Each day of the week has different names and activities. This is a visual treat for everyone who came here to see, celebrate and enjoy.

Schedule for Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan 2021

Day 1 March, 23 Lathmar Holi  Barsana
Day 2 March, 24 Lathmar Holi  Nandgaon
Day 3 March, 25 Phoolwalon ki Holi, Banke Bihari Temple Vrindavan
Day 4 March, 27 Widows’ Holi Vrindavan
Day 5 March, 28 Holi in Banke Bihari Temple

Holi Procession

Holika Dahan



Day 6 March, 29 Holi in Dwarkadhees Temple Mathura
Day 7 March, 30 Huranga Baldeo

Day 1: Lathmar Holi, Barsana

lathmar holi barsana

On the first day of Holi held in Barsana, women dressed up as Gopi’s (consorts of Lord Krishna) and men as Gops (friends of Lord Krishna). Men or gops from Lord Krishna’s town Nandgaon visited Barsana to tease women or gopi’s and were beaten by sticks, men carried some shields with them to save themselves. Both men and women enjoy this festive vibe. And hence it is known as lath mar Holi.

The holi took place in the Radha rani temple in Barsana. The elders of the village and town sit inside the temple and sing songs. 

The color is red everywhere. And there is great energy in the atmosphere. The bhang and thandai give more flavors to the festivities.

Barsana is 49kms from Mathura.

Day 2: Lathmar Holi, Nandgaon

lathmar holi nandgaon

This is the opposite of the holi celebrated in Barsana. On the second day, the men of Barsana visited Nandgaon to tease or play holi with the women of Nandgaon. Same as the Barsana’s Lathmar holi, women beat the men with sticks and celebrate the festivals.

You can see the color in the air, on the floor, on the people, and everywhere.

Nandgaon is 55kms from Mathura.

Day 3: Phoolwalon ki Holi, Banke Bihari Temple

phool wali holi, banke bihari temple

You played holi with colors but what if I say you can play holi with colorful flowers too. Yes, this happened on the third day of Holi in Vrindavan. 

The Phool Walon ki Holi in Banke Bihari temple is a must-watch- during the Holi. The temple doors open at 4 PM and the priest showers flowers petals on the devotees, and everyone who visits to witness it. 

The celebration lasts for 30minutes only so be there on time.

Day 4: Widows’ Holi

widows holi

This is also a unique way of Holi celebration held in Vrindavan. On this day the widows of Vrindavan and all across the country gather to celebrate Holi in the Gopinath temple. Widow play the holi with flower petals, colors and sing bhajans of Lord Krishna. It is a remarkable experience to see them laughing, enjoying, dancing, and singing their heart out. 

It is a treat to your eyes to see the monochromatic visuals turning into a colorful picture.

widows holi in vrindavan

Only a few years back the widows of Vrindavan joined by the Varanasi widows broke the 400-year-old tradition and celebrated the festival with colors.

Day 5: Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan

a) Banke Bihari Temple

banke bihari temple holi

This is the main holi celebrated in Vrindavan. The temple opens at 9 AM. The priest will throw colors on everyone. There are multiple colors in the air. It is a “that moment” thing for all the photographers and vloggers who visit Mathura-Vrindavan for the Holi celebration. Go drenched in color, feel the vibes, enjoy and go with the flow.

b) Holi Procession in Mathura

Holi Procession in Mathura

After playing holi in Banke Bihari temple. Vrindavan you can head straight to Mathura. Here you can see the Holi Procession where Young girls and boys dress up as Gopis, Lord Krishna, and gops. They sit on the vehicle and roam around the city and villages to throw colors on people.

c) Holika Dahan

holika dahan

Holika Dahan is equally important as holi. In the evening you can see Holika Dahan also known as Choti Holi and enjoy having Gujia’s and other sweets. 

Day 6: Holi in Dwarkadhees Temple

Holi in Dwarkadhees Temple

On the main day of Holi, you can head towards the Dwarikadhees temple. The holi starts at 10 AM. It is good to go early and enjoy the vibes of the temple. Moreover, with colors and celebrations, you can also taste bhang and thandai in any shop around. Dance to the rhythm of the music and beats. The atmosphere here is so lively that you loved it. 

Day 7: Hurangahuranga

The day after holi heads towards the Dauji temple near Mathura to play Huranga. Besides all the buzz and popularity of Lathmar and Phoolon wali holi, this is less popular but worth visiting and playing. I must say the day after holi has more colors and every man returns home shirtless. Yes, you heard it right 😀

In this holi, men pour buckets of saffron-tinged water on the women, who retaliate by tearing their shirts off and trashing them with it. This is a game between Devar and Bhabhi.

The weeklong Holi festival ends here with Huranga. And this is all about Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan.


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