Things to know about Kanpur and its People



The city of laborers and businessmen

In Kanpur, Either you will find some cunning and smart people around you, or you will get to know some good, helping people around you. By nature, we are always at extremes, either too good or too bad to handle. Kanpur is an industrial city, and that is why Kanpur is a city of laborers and businessmen.

But no doubt They are excellent friends. Talking about the people of Kanpur filled me with a different energy level. The people who speak a lot and have all the Gyan’s about anything and everything is definitely a Kanpuriya. Talking so much to anyone is in our genes, and this is the Mantra behind how we quickly settle and make friends anywhere.

All across the country, if you will find someone with some seriously good Desi sense of Humour, then believe me He/She is KANPURIYA. They will make you cry laughing by their sarcastic and leg-pulling lines.

The city in one way doesn’t have a diversified population, but still, you will find a vast difference between the people you meet from the city.

Language of Kanpuriya’s

People have so much misconception about Kanpur and its language, and they see us as funny, along with the stereotype orthodox accent of speaking. 

And also, there is no doubt that Kanpuriyas are famous for its language all across the country, especially the slangs that we used in our day to days lives. 

There are certain words in Hindi that you will only hear in Kanpur. A few of them, you must have heard or remembered if you have any Kanpuriya Friend.

Living Style in Kanpur

Middle-class families mostly own the city. It is an ideal city if you want to live in peace and also want good facilities for your family at your disposal. No matter what your budget is, you always have options at spending.


It has all the facilities available from designer brands, malls, and multiplexes to the flea markets. For education, there are some reputed colleges like IIT Kanpur, HBTI for engineering, and GSVM for medicals. There is no scope for the IT sector as of now and in the near future. 

When it comes to health facilities and hospitals, Kanpur has a limited number of options only.

Leather is cheap in Kanpur; you can head towards the Jajmau area to buy the best quality and affordable leather.

kanpur leather

And at last, Metro services can be a game-changer for Kanpur in coming future.

Diversity in Lifestyle and Food

You can see all kinds of people in Kanpur. From someone who has everything to someone who has nothing. But the only universal thing you can see in them is “Bhaukaal”. And for this, people of Kanpur are famous across the country.

my city KANPUR

In food, you will easily get from south Indian to north Indian food, but see foods and other modern dishes which you will get in metro cities is still missing in Kanpur. But with the services like groffers, Big basket, Zomato, etc. the gap id filling slowly.

Myths about Kanpur and its people

People outside Kanpur think that Kanpuriya are the one who exaggerates things. They don’t come to point directly. There is one phrase famous for this “Jyada Bakaiti na Karo”

We have already discussed the swag that every kanpuriya has, The Bhaukaal, that we call in the local language. No matter what the situation is, they have that tasion and bhaukal all the time.

And, Kanpur is the city “Jahan ki Kulfi tak Badnam hai” You must have heard or seen the Thaggu ke Laddu and Badnam Kulfi shop in Bunty aur Babli Movie.

Gutkha is like the other name of Kanpur because every meme, every joke about Gutkha on the internet, is related to Kanpur only.

No doubt there are few more myths about Kanpur, but these few are my favorite.

lal imli kanpur
Lal Imli Kanpur

Being someone who is in love with this place will always prefer this place over any metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. Kyuki Yaha ki Baat hi kuch aisi hai!

You can take people out of Kanpur, but you can’t take Kanpur out of people!”


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